JoMC 711 – Writing for Digital Media

August 26, 2006

Hello world!

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Greetings from Baltimore, Maryland!  My name is Cindy and I have lived here for over 20 years.  I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from Penn State in 1976, but I also have a degree in accounting. 

I am a widow with three children: two boys who are 24 and 21 and a girl, 15.  Seven years ago I went back to work part time as a bookkeeper.  Three years ago I enrolled in a Lutheran seminary so that I could become a Diaconal Minister (similar to a deacon, if you are familiar with that).  Every Diaconal Minister has an emphasis (like a major) and mine is church and technology.  I think it is essential that the church be involved in the digital world.  Since the seminary didn’t offer courses relating to technology, I enrolled in this program.

When I’m not attending graduate school, I like to quilt, cross stitch and crochet. 

I am excited to be in this course.  One goal is keeping up with the work, as I tend to be a procrastinator.  Fortunately this will be the fifth online course I’ve taken, so I know a little about what goes on.  In addition, I look forward to learning how to be a better writer, especially in the digital world.

Currently I work part time at my church as the Outreach and Evangelism Coordinator, but I have also been a bookkeeper and a social worker.  Seems like a strange mix!

My pet peeve is waiting – waiting in long lines and especially waiting in doctors’ offices.  I don’t “wait” well – I usually get irritated.  Of course I know that’s not good for my blood pressure!


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